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Asscher cut loose diamonds

Asscher is the name of a family that founded the company over 150 years ago in Holland - the I.J. Asscher Diamond Company, later to be renamed the Royal Asscher Company after being awarded the honorary title of "Royal" by the Queen of Holland in the year 1980.

In 1902 Joseph Asscher designed and cut the Asscher diamond. In 2001 the diamond underwent some changes and was improved from its original 58 facets to a newly redesigned 74 facets. The new design of the Asscher was named the Royal Asscher diamond.

Asscher cut diamond

The Asscher cut is a real piece of beauty and amazing craftsmanship. Recently, in 2009, the AGS diamond certifying company launched an independent grading certificate for the Royal Asscher cut.
The Asscher cut is a stepped square, with cropped corners, very similar to the shape of an emerald. Its shape is very attracting, as the light bounces off it and catches the eye. Each Asscher cut diamond is cut specifically with the intent to maximize light reflection and performance, and maximize the beauty of the stone. While the Asscher does have guidelines of a basic shape, it does not follow any guidelines of proportions and symmetry, rather the craftsman cutting the Asscher will analyze each individual stone and figure out the proportions that will allow each specific stone to be the most beautiful it possibly can be.
Asscher cut engagement rings are actually a unique cut of diamond. It's a square-cut having the corners cut. Though it is really a square-cut diamond, the particular wide step features cause it to resemble with octagon. At the same time positioned within every stone are numerous parallel cuts which look like a hall of mirrors. Sometimes it is also referred to as the square emerald cut.
One of the most widely known Asscher cut diamond is the Cullinan Diamond. This diamond is so amazing with elegance that the English Royal Family made it part of the Crown Jewels during the past century.
Such type of cut designed for diamonds was initially used in 1902. It is really termed hence for the brothers who used this specific design and style in Amsterdam Holland.

Design and style of Asscher cut is actually so that it pulls the onlooker's attention in the heart of the ring. Therefore just about anyone who looks at the ring can at once start to see the color as well as clearness of the diamond. Because of this the amount of carats, the color, along with the quality are generally much more vital for this sort of ring compared with most other diamond ring cuts.
What exactly gives extra appeal to an asscher diamond ring is definitely the existence of these parallel lines making it far more distinctive. It truly is just like building an image of countless mirrors that happen to be reflecting several angles.

The particular cut (as in "Asscher Cut") doesn't have virtually any connection to the cut quality which shows up on the diamond certificate. The Asscher cut is a diamond design, which however possesses a variety of cut levels, that might have an impact on the general quality and also visual aspect of the diamond. Due to the squareness of these rings, a four prong setting is sufficient to help secure the diamond on most asscher cut engagement rings. Something else that needs to be looked into is the metal of the diamond ring. Asscher cut diamond is most effective placed in a white-colored metal.

In recent years, the particular cut has become renewed with the help of innovative features and additional aspects to elevate its elegance along with sparkle. Aided by the increase in level of popularity regarding square designed diamonds and also its particular newly developed cut, the Asscher is in demand nowadays more than ever.

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